Ivica Dimitrijevic is born in 1984 in Kumanovo, Macedonia . He graduated acting on The Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 2007 in the class of Vlado Cvetanovski. After graduation, he got employed in the National Theatre of Kumanovo, and since than he is taking an active roll in all the drama plays on stage of this theatre. Besides theatre, he took acting parts in lots of student’s short films, commercials and movies.

Ivica is also actively playing guitar, starting from Sizif’s work, Jorkshir-the band that he created, than HIP and till today, when he is playing already for 7 years in the famous Macedonian rock and roll band T.B Tracheri. He is also one of the co-founders and president of the intermediate, interdisciplinary, nonprofit, alternative group Crane that works in the field of culture and subculture, promoting and bringing arts to the common man. In his art performances, in a funny and sometimes ironic way he usually makes a comment about the society and culture.